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An Anglican Parish Church in the Diocese of Manchester.

Knowing, Growing and Going with God

A Message from the Rector


Welcome to St Werburgh's Church. I'm glad you found us, our Vision is 'Knowing, Growing and Going with God', and I would like to invite you to join us to know, grow, and go with God. It is through our prayers, and through the Eucharistic Feast, that we bear witness to the mystery of the incarnation, and to Jesus' redemption of the world through his sacrificial death and glorious resurrection. It is in the Incarnate Jesus Christ that we see the enfleshment of Divine Love for the world, and it is our prayer that we be made worthy of the gift of salvation promised to all who believe and follow in the way of Jesus.

We are an Anglican parish in the Diocese of Manchester, founded in 1900 in Chorlton.

You don't have to be a member of the Anglican Communion to participate in worship at St Werburgh's, and we invite everyone who enters our doors to come forward to the altar at the time of communion to receive a blessing. The reception of Holy Communion is for those who are baptised, and if you would like to be initiated into the Christian community through baptism, or to explore the Christian faith at any level, please don't hesitate to speak to me.

At St Werburgh's we are delighted to meet and welcome newcomers and visitors, but we promise not to overwhelm you. Our sidespeople will welcome you and give you an order of service, and they will be happy to answer any questions you have. At the end of the service, I will be at the back of the church to greet people, and you may wish to  join us for coffee or tea. This provides us with an opportunity to meet people, and we are always happy to talk to newcomers.

Apart from the normal Sunday services, St Werburgh's offers holy baptism (christening), weddings, and pastoral support. You'll find some of our upcoming activities under 'Events', but the best way to find out what's going on is to come to church on Sunday morning. You will find people of different ages and walks of life who hold in common a love for engaging in the mystery of God through the historic Anglican faith and practice of the Church of England.

I invite you to come!


Fr Falak Sher

St Werburgh's


For details of church activities, or to seek pastoral support, please contact:

Revd Canon Fr Falak Sher (Rector)

Tel: 0161 881 1642 or email: stwerburghcch@gmail.com

To book the hall email:


To book the church for concerts etc email: stwerburghcch@gmail.com

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